Work with me

Each person’s journey is unique.  Support for spiritual growth and a spiritual life is different, not only for each person, but different for different times in our life.

As a spiritual director, I have companioned people who describe themselves as Jewish, Presbyterian, Catholic, Sufi, Goddess worshiper and “spiritual but not religious.”  I trained in both Jewish and Christian spiritual direction programs.  I support those who belong and don’t belong to a religious community; clergy and non-clergy; millennials to octogenarians.  Each tradition is a facet of the same diamond –  practices and teachings to help us become more compassionate and loving (to ourselves and to others). To some this means feeling closer to God, Mystery, or Higher Power.

My mission is to support your healing, growth, and transformation.

I offer spiritual guidance, mentoring, spiritual direction supervision, meditation support, teaching, and retreats.  If you are new to spiritual guidance, I offer a free introductory session so you can get a feel for it and see if it is right for you.

Please contact me so I can help you explore and discover what you need.