Spiritual Guidance

Humans are spiritual beings. Yet most of us don’t spend time reflecting on or attending to our spiritual life and experiences. We have personal trainers for our body and coaches for our work, but we don’t seek support for our spiritual life and our spiritual growth.

The spiritual journey is unique for each person and primarily an inner journey.  Most adults don’t have someone to talk to about their spiritual concerns, experiences, or desires.  Many of us don’t even know where to start our exploration of our spirituality as an adult, even if we belong to a religious or faith community.  We are spiritually undernourished and we don’t even know it.

Sometimes a major loss or disruption can surface spiritual issues and questions that we haven’t explored about the meaning of life and our relationship to God/Mystery/The Divine.  The second half of life can also initiate a deep yearning for more meaning and purpose. Spiritual guidance is a place to explore, question, and process your inner life. It can support, inspire, and give energy to your search for meaning, growth, and wholeness.

For the last 15 years, I have been offering spiritual guidance to people who have a quest to grow, are searching for meaning, or are facing a challenge or turning point in their lives and want to explore it through a spiritual lens.  While each spiritual journey is unique, spirituality (the cultivation of the soul and inner life) is universal. I support people from all faiths, religions, and backgrounds.  I have worked with Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Sufis, and individuals who don’t identify with any religion.


You share your experiences, questions, and perceptions.  I listen and together, we explore. It is not necessarily about religion and for someone who is religious, it can be about their religion and religious practices.  By deeply listening for where your spirit and desires are emerging and helping you notice the sacred dimension in your life,  I support you in:

  • Cultivating  your unique inner wisdom
  • Searching for what is missing in your life
  • Seeking clarity in your life purpose
  • Integrating spirituality into all aspects of your daily life
  • Processing your spiritual experiences
  • Nurturing a greater sense of wholeness, integration, and balance
  • Discerning – making life choices from a grounded place of knowing
  • Exploring the question “Where is God/Higher Power/Spirit in my life?”
  • Examining through a spiritual lens the difficulties of life  (addiction, grief, loss)
  • Discovering spiritual yearnings and responding to your needs
  • Trying new spiritual practices
  • Deepening your connection to yourself
  • Deepening your connection to God/Spirit/Soul/Mystery/Higher Power/Love/The Divine/Your Soul – whatever you call your spiritual connection to that which is beyond who we are.

The spiritual guidance relationship is confidential and private. I offer sessions to individuals in person, over the phone, and via the web on SKYPE or ZOOM. My group spiritual direction practice is currently closed.

It is truly a privilege to accompany someone on their spiritual journey. I look forward to supporting you in discovering where you spirit is calling to you and discovering the threads of your spirit that are woven into the tapestry of your life!