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Every person has a different way of navigating their spiritual exploration.

Ready to start working with me?  Contact me and we can get started.

Not ready yet? Here are a few different ways to begin:

  • Inspired by what you read? Read through the inspiration blog posts and see if one of these people/authors/experiences calls to your or sparks your journey. You may also find something in the main blog.
  • Prefer the experiential?  Contact me  to can set up some time to chat or have an initial phone or web session. Please let me know where you are located so I can suggest some times that work for both of our time zones.
  • Curious, but not ready to dive in yet? You can listen to the audio of a conversation on Spiritual Direction 101 that I just recorded (I will post the recording when it is available)
  • Not sure what is your best way to start? I recommend you take a Myers-Briggs and/or Enneagram assessments to discover and find out about your spiritual type. (There are lots of free tests for each assessment available on the web.) Knowledge about your spiritual type can be very valuable in your exploration. This way you can understand what energizes you, what spiritual practices are life-giving, and you can share that information with a potential spiritual guide.

A caterpillar must completely let go to transform into a butterfly.  A snake requires strength to break free of the constriction of a skin that is now too small. May you be supported to tap into your own courage so you can face the constrictions that restrict your freedom to grow and transform into the life you were meant to lead.  – Wendie