Blog 3.0

My first venture into blogging was part of my days at, the company I co-founded in the 90’s.  It wasn’t very spiritual. I was a humorous advice columnist. It was fun to explore this new medium, but I was not writing as myself. I was writing as a persona.  For my second blog experience, in 2007, I offered daily teachings and inspirations around the preparation for the Jewish new year during the month of Elul. It was a grind to keep up the daily posting.  After it was over, I was depleted and uninspired to write for a long time – until now.

What will be the central focus of this new blog? Spiritual, of course.  The rest is an unfolding mystery.  I’m looking forward to it!  The journey of  seeing what else evolves if you give it the space begins…..

My first postings are sharing the people, places, and teachings that have inspired me on my spiritual journey and helped me to grow and transform in the Inspiration thread.  I appreciate your feedback and comments that will spark and inspire me on what to reflect on and share in the future.